It’s October tomorrow and yet I have sent the demons to school today without a coat and wearing shorts.

It’s October tomorrow and yet all the washing in the house is done and more importantly dry, even the bedding.

It’s October tomorrow and yet all I wanted to eat yesterday was a salad.

It’s October tomorrow and yet my weekend plans involve being outside for the most part.

It’s October tomorrow and yet it’s warmer here than it was in July.

Glorious weather

The weather is absolutely glorious it really is. Not just mild but hot, shorts and sun vest hot.  Sunscreen required hot. Not a cloud in the sky type weather than makes you realise you were far too early changing to the winter weight duvet…

Unusual weather is fab, I’m British and we are a little bit obsessed with the weather.  Anything out of the ordinary can keep us entertained for days, if not weeks. When we had early snows, and quite severe ones last year it was all anyone talked about for weeks.

Today on the school run people were talking about little else but the sunshine, people dressed in summery clothes, people smiling.. it was lovely. People seem happier when the sun is shining.

The demons on the other hand seem oblivious to it all. Usually they are nagging me constantly to go outside and play. In the rain/drizzle/biting cold they want to be outdoors. This week when the sun has been shining and the weather hot … they have been nagging to stay inside and play on their Playstation.  I am of course the meanest mummy in the whole-wide-world for telling them to get outside and get some fresh air.

That’s OK though because at the end of next week I shall be the meanest mummy in the whole-wide-world for telling them that they cannot go outside in a howling gale when the rain is coming down like stair rods.

Not so much a case of not being able to win, more a case of should not even bother trying. LoL

I shall just console myself with the knowledge that it’s October tomorrow and I have so many wonderful things planned for that month it makes me grin just to think of it. The continental market is in town,  we will be booking a holiday in the next week or so, I am having dinner out with the demons and DG on Sunday, tickets to see Fascinating Aida next week, tickets to see Dave Gorman, Scary Day at school and I have killer costumes lined up for the demons, the younger demons day of spawning, Halloween (the last two being understandably very close together..) and of course my 40th birthday.  Woohoo! Happy, happy, happy days 😀


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  1. The weather is fantastic! Loving it! 🙂

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