Excuses, Excuses

I said I would try to blog once per week but I’m struggling to do that. I am trying though I’ve just been busy and yesterday I set aside time for blogging when the Black Dog decided to pay a visit.

However a lot of TLC from my fiance and my demons managed to shove that mutt back into his kennel and I feel a lot happier today.

So challenges

  1. To weigh less this time next year. I’ve actually been slimmer of the week twice now   Progress so far – 6lb
  2. To swim 104 times this year.  I’ve been enjoying this so much especially one day when it had snowed and I had the pool to myself Progress so far – 5 swims
  3. To read books from at least 24 of the categories on the reading challenge. I’ve started -re-reading The Silver Chair from the Narnia series  Progress so far – 3 Categories
  4. To have at least 20 “Date Nights”  special child free nights when DG and I spend time together. We have managed one more but it was just a night in nothing special planned – oddly we enjoyed this more than the one we made an effort for…   Further nights have been hindered by my dad being a little off form but we have got an entire night away planned for the 13th which I am really looking forward to Progress so far – 2 Date Night
  5. To right a positive about each day on the desk calendar and put it in the memory jar. We are behind! Need to catch up so will make this a plan for the weekend  Progress so far 30 / 365
  6. To blog sort of weekly or at least 52 times.  This is the 5th one including my post about attendance issues (which my MP is now raising so hopefully will have an update) Progress so far 5/52 

Things are ticking over quite nicely.


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